Buying A Home

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Buying A Home

Buying a home can seem like a daunting task; so many things to consider, research, plan and take care of. While we can't hope to cover it all on this page, we can outline some key components for you to consider and make sure that you don't overlook them.


Planning & Research

While we are here to help you throughout the entire build process including making design selections, we encourage our customers to do some initial planning and research to help narrow down what you want. We recommend discussing the build with your family and friends to get there opinion and feedback on important features, as well as looking to other homes and areas for inspiration on style, finishes and features.  Come prepared with this information, as well as a list of your key needs and lifestyle considerations so that we can best serve you.


Financial Considerations

Make sure you pre-qualify for your mortgage to give you peace of mind in knowing what you can afford, and what fits comfortably in your financial budget.  Weigh options such as bi-weekly versus monthly payments to maximize the efficiency of your payments and have an impact on the overall mortgage.


In addition to securing your mortgage, downpayment and other applicable finances, there may be some benefits or programs that you should consider and might qualify for, such as:


Home Buyers' Plan

Did you know that you might qualify to withdraw up to $25,000 tax free to build your new home? Learn more about this program on the Government of Canada's website.


First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit

Did you know that you might qualify for a tax credit just for buying a new home? Learn more about this program on the Government of Canada's website.


More Information & Resources

More information on buying a home can be found on the Canadian Home Builders' Association website here.



We also encourage you to contact us if you would like to discuss what other potential considerations and information you should be aware of to make the process of building your new home as smooth as possible.